*Please see our links to the Kelleys Island Home page and the Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce for a complete list of activities on the island.

Kelleys Island Events

Some ideas for things to do at Kelleys Island:
-Relax and unwind
-Visit the Kelleys Island State Park beach
-Hike a trail or camp overnight at Kelleys Island State Park
-View the Glacial Grooves
-View Inscription Rock
-Visit the Kelleys Island Winery
-Visit the Kelleys Island Brewery
-Visit the Kelleys Island Museum
-Miniature Golf
-Enjoy an ice cream
-Tour the island via golf cart or bike
-Visit with friends over cocktails
-Enjoy live music on the weekends
-Hop over to Put-In-Bay
-View the sunset

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Ohio Department of Natural Resources fishing regulations: www.dnr.state.oh.us/wildlife/dow/regulations/fishing.aspx

Ohio Department of Natural Resources hunting regulations: www.dnr.state.oh.us/wildlife/dow/regulations/hunting.aspx